Mommy Knows Best.

One Mommy Domme's musings and darkest desires

What is a Mommy Domme?

           Mommy Dommes (not to be confused with Dom Moms, female dominants who have chosen to embrace the journey of motherhood, and certainly not to be confused with Mom-dom, a phrase which, pecked into a search engine will transport you to a land full of all manner of horrid home school craft ideas,) are female dominants. (Yes, folks, BDSM. Is Mommy speaking your language now?

Mommy Dommes, however, are not merely Femdom enthusiasts. first of all, Mommies are not biologically related to their littles. That, loves, is called incest, and we do not approve of it. This is a common point of misconception in the BDSM community, and even more so in outer vanilla communities; but rest assured, “Mommy,” as with its counterpart “Daddy Dom and little girl” relationships, is just an authoritative title used by the little in the relationship to address his Domme. As in most BDSM-involved relationships, my relationship with kitten is one involving punishment, bondage, and sexual play; however, Mommies are a bit more lenient when it comes to our littles.

As a Mommy I understand that my little, my submissive, is special, and that he is new to submitting his heart, soul, and body to Me. I use his mistakes as opportunities to direct him, sometimes with punishment, to be the very best that he can be. When he does well, I reward him with the pleasure that only I can give. In a way, one could say that this sort of relationship is focused entirely around the submissive’s betterment as an individual, but only through his complete surrender to Me. In this way, he will bring his Mommy great pleasure, and in return she will help him become the very best that he can be, physically, spiritually, and mentally.